The Merits And Demerits Of Using Electronic Signatures

By: rkspark

In as much as there is significant excitement around electronic signatures, it is important to understand the pros and cons of this technology before investing in it for your business.

The Merits

  • Easy To Use

Getting documents signed online is a relatively easy and fast process thanks to the electronic signatures. Your employees and customers can append their signatures without too much hassle thanks to the intuitive nature of the software. No training is needed for this.

  • Speed Up Operations

Businesses do not have to wait for couriers to transport documents around the globe to have them signed; the documents can be signed and delivered using the electronic signatures.

  • Enhanced Documentation Accuracy

Getting documents signed can at times prove to be a frustrating process especially if the signator misses a page or two or fails to fill out some vital information. With the electronic software, you can highlight mandatory fields thus ensure that every necessary document is filled accurately and comprehensively. So gone will be the days of having to track down your business partners and customers just to have them re-sign, re-fill, and re-send the documents. Take a look at this piece on the best software.

  • Save Time And Money

The amount of time and money companies spent shuffling paperwork is just upholding. The electronic signature tech can help hasten and ease the process of sending documents to get signed, track the entire process and help save the finished documents. It reduces the cost of faxing, mailing, and printing of documents. As such, the technology makes it possible for businesses to refocus their time and efforts on other issues such as building relationships with its customers. The model is now being used for e-conveyancing as this post from Service Care demonstrates.

  • Enhancing Customer Services

The software allows your clients to sign documents when required and on any device, they use to access the paperwork. Electronic signatures make it easier and faster for customers to interact with your company, an important thing when considering the youthful clients.

The Demerits

  • Storage Limitations

Some of the companies or business that use electronic signature technology will store documents on their servers for an indefinite period and expect customers to comply with such terms. The companies’ objective is to have documentation that helps them control where their clients store their personal information. However, this is a concern for many customers because they expect their documents hand over to them when they request for them or have them digitally shredded as per the standards of the Department of Defense

  • Security Issues

No all companies that use electronic signature technology offer enough security for the transactions. In fact, the basic types of this software have no security measures in place against tampering, and some have a less than passable tamper protection. Currently, only digital signature offers the highest security levels. So be wary of vendors who use electronic signatures with a little or no security protocols in place.

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