Data Marketing Tips

Data Marketing Tips and Advice

By: rkspark

Are you looking to use data to create marketing plans and improve your projects – here are some tips on how to do so.

  1. Take It with a Grain of Salt

Keep in mind that not all data can be trusted. You should always question its universal reliability and its quality. You need to know what to rely on. For instance, if I run a certain number of interviews and I conduct in-depth research on 10 subjects, this should serve as guidance on my next actions. The main thing is to understand where your data is coming from and use this as a base for your decisions. This is something that has nothing to do with pulling data from 10,000 anonymous social media entries. When it’s time to get some insights, step back and weigh your data in accordance to its origin.

  1. Look beyond Details

Insights should be only the first step in assisting you to make more informed decisions. What does success mean to you? Furthermore, once you achieve it, what do you intend to do to maintain it? This is what you should be focusing on. Use the details, but look at the big picture in order to maintain your focus and your vision. This post from Harnham covers this well. This should enable you to remember why you started all these in the first place.

  1. Customize Your Outputs

Each and every output from your market research has multiple stakeholders who all want different bits of information to help them gain a better understanding of what’s happening. Some of these stakeholders may want to see only the top-line results and some clues on how they are going to affect their business. Thanks to the new dashboarding technology, you can create all these customized outputs without altering the back end data. This can allow you to create great marketing.

  1. Look toward the Future

Our industry makes us look backward way too many times. Having such a wealth of data to rely on and to develop solid analyses is definitely a great thing. Nonetheless, the future of market research lies in making informed predictions and forecasting. Companies that understand that developing accurate predictions for the future is where their success lies have the best chances to dominate their markets.

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